The E.m.E. Studios are a studio which regards itself neither a homerecording nor a professional music studio. We are a project studio. Faithful to one of our greatest idols, Working Class Hero Paul Weller, we have got the philosophy from musicians for musicians and we are Hanover’s first Working Class Studio.

We follow a system of three principles.

  • The first one: E.m.E means a little more enthusiasm, which means “Etwas mehr Enthusiasmus” in German.
  • The second one is: No Computer! We record 80% analogue, 100% dawless.
  • And last but not least: Only in a tidied up studio you will achieve a tidied up sound!

We produce and produced everything from e-music (“classic”) across singer/songwriter to Death Metal same as music, trailers, audio dramas and every other kind of KreHtiv stuff.