Currently we are playing live more often! After shows in Hannover and North Germany such as Fète de la Musique, Reload Festival, Béi Chèz Heinz an LUX a.m.m., we are looking for gigs of all size throughout the entire world.

Our present formation: F.l.t.r.: Germar, Norwin, Andrea, Holgerle

Here our new video for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, for Germany!

MACCLESFIELD for Finland 22/23

For this year we sent our extraordinary song "Will you" to the land of the 1000 lakes for the ESC 2023. The song is special, because it is the first one recorded with our HD 24 and slower as usual concerning MACCLESFIELD's style. Listen and enjoy!

F.l.t.r.: Down: Norwin, Charlotte, Frida  Up: Germar, Jaakko (Our Finnishman), Holgerle

MACCLESFIELD - Will you (Studio recording)

MACCLESFIELD for Finland 21/22

In 2021 we finally applied ourselves again in Finland with our Electro/experimental song "After the rendez - vous".

F.l.t.r.: Charlotte, Norwin, Frida, Jaakko (Our Finnishman)

MACCLESFIELD - After the rendez - vous (Studio recording)

Finland 2019

F.l.t.r.: Frida, Charlotte, Norwin and Jaakko (Our Finnishman)

Here the application video as it was requiered by the Finnish jury


MACCLESFIELD 2018/19: With "Your companion" on the track heading for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019!

This year MACCLESFIELD is crossing the genders, genenerations and nations again. The members are between 28 and 59 years old and come from 3 nations.

Above, f.l.t.r.: Lukas, Andrea and Toni (Our Swissman), middle, f.l.t.r.: Norwin and Klim (Saxophone, Canada), down: Leocadia Tribal

MACCLESFIELD as Lego model for the new video, built by Shpetim Luzhnica, Sarstedt

MACCLESFIELD 2017/18: With "LA SILVIA" to the Eurovision Song Contest!

F.l.t.r.: Toni (Our Swissman), Tanja (Up), Andrea (Down), Norwin