EP 2010, available at 25 Music record store, Hannover

The Single Malts - Castle Leod 16 Track Record

The Single Malts - Flower of Scotland 16 Track Record

The Single Malts, feat. The Uhland Choir, Linden - The Single Malt 16 Track Record

F.l.t.r.: Norwin Iversen McKenzie, Jens McLeod, Germar McKenzie

THE SINGLE MALTS is the current project of the studioowners Norwin (Acc. g., mando., bg., voc.) and Germar (Voc., handdr.) with Dagmar McKenzie(Highland Bagpipes), Jens McLeod (Highland Bagpipes) and different changing other musicians. The Maxi Single (picture above) is recently released. The Scottish Folk music of the real members of the Scottish clans McKenzie and McLeod is also influenced by Punkrock and Schönberg.

We participate!


Studio B is due to be build asap! It is already installed at Norwin's place. The picture shows the setup for our first project, noise recordings for the art and theatrical club Artefiktion e.V.

...during the day -

and nightime


Live recordings

The E.m.E. Studios do live recordings as well. Contact us for your personal live-cut! Since 2007 the E.m.E.-Studios record the whole Bei Chez Heinz April Festival. Also in this year the E.m.E. Studios are put in charge by Bei Chez Heinz.

The recordings are made with the Model 24 a portable, semianalogue - digital, up to 22 tracks device and heart of our new studio B.

Installing our own Neutrik-cables to connect stage and Model 24

Installing our Studio-Projects Condenser-Mics

Our Philips N 4520 reel-machine live on the Fährmannsfest 2013, main stage

The Nossex live with „Remmidemmi“ by „Deichkind” at the Aprilfestival “Top of the Heinz” in 2008. Recorded live by the E.m.E. Studios.

Digitalisation of old Tapes

16-track 1“ and ¼“ inch tapes can be digitalized by us, if the tape isn’t too sticky to run. You can listen to an original recording from the radio from the year 1954(!) here. The tape still runs, thanks to Agfa quality. The whole final of 1954 was digitalized by us.