The E.m.E.-Studios-crew had the oportunity to talk to some bandmembers like Milla(bg) and Manu Kapolke(g), Admiral Top Sahne(dr) and other important personalities on the aftershowparty of the GROBSCHNITT-concert in Hagen on June the 15th 2012. After everybody thought it was incredible to cover "Illegal", here and now GOTT UND GÖTTER live at the WIR SIND DAS HEINZ Festival 2012. The quality is typical Josef-like, analogue, with 1 microphone direct on big VHS cassette, filmed with Josef's huge camera and not refined. Josef Barat, underground-film-maker, Film Projekt Hannover +49171 363 77 67

Left: Milla Kapolke (Grobschnitt), right: Norwin Münch (Gott und Götter/E.m.E. Studios)